Sorceress of Light

O sorceress of light,

O queen of silhouette,

How your goddess rays excite

How the lumens dance and fret

Upon your solar waveform

In the bursting spectral swarm

Shoaling from your soul,

How your star will console

The agitated beings

Unshackled to the freeing

Of a beauty pure and fearless,

Just as yours is, peerless.

© Kosmogonic

The Dream, Kaleidoscopic

It is the dream, kaleidoscopic,

The upturned colours of the mind,

It is the infinite curving parabolic,
The grief of souls that were left behind,
It is plain fate in animation,
The spinning star of timeless light,
It is the cosmic machination,
The pulsing truth of creation’s might,
It is the memories lost deep in space,
The primal touchless past,
It is the defender of human grace,
The displaced fear, deep and vast,
It is the reminder of what is left,
The towering endless fire,
It is the comfort for all spirit, bereft,
The creation of a purpose, higher,
It is the nothing and it is the all,
The ceaseless ebbing tide,
It is the transcendence of the fall,
The edifice from which we cannot hide,
It is the music and it is the flow,
The quantum within the elevation,
It is the truth we will always know,
The sculpted word in revelation.
It is love, pure and simple.

It is the dream, kaleidoscopic,
The upturned colours of the mind,

© Kosmogonic

Dream about jellyfish and sea horses. Painting by Yulia Luchkina.
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